Extend TCA of Content Blocks

The Content Blocks TCA generation happens after all TCA (overrides) from files are processed. This means, TCA overrides will not work.

For this reason, we there is a TYPO3\CMS\ContentBlocks\Event\AfterContentBlocksTcaCompilationEvent event, on which you can hook in and extend the TCA of the Content Blocks.

Thus you directly get the generated TCA and are able to add your configuration in a smart way.

First of all you need a class, which does the TCA customisation: (E.g. in your extension: Classes/Generator/TcaCustomisation.php)


namespace Vendor\MyExtension\Generator;

use TYPO3\CMS\ContentBlocks\Event\AfterContentBlocksTcaCompilationEvent;

class TcaCustomisation
    public function extendTcaOfContentBlocks(AfterContentBlocksTcaCompilationEvent $event): void
        $tca = $event->getTca();
        $tca['tt_content']['columns']['vendor_package_fieldidentifier']['config']['enableRichtext'] = true;

Then you need to register the event listener for your class in your Configuration/Services.yaml:

    - name: event.listener
      identifier: 'vendor-myextension-tcacustomisation'
      event: 'TYPO3\CMS\ContentBlocks\Event\AfterContentBlocksTcaCompilationEvent'
      method: 'extendTcaOfContentBlocks'

See also: EventDispatcher (PSR-14 Events)